Welcome to Calor 2012

Santa Fe Convention Center, 201 W. Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM

Vendor Participation

High-energy calorimetry technology is continuously evolving in dramatic ways. We already see new and novel developments: Although the standard sensors like photomultiplier tubes are still ubiquitous, silicon photomultipliers are now becoming commonplace. New liquid and plastic scintillators, crystals, and ceramics are also finding new applications in calorimetry, as well as in medical imaging. Increased demand on signal digitization rates is driving front-end electronics to a high level of sophistication. High voltage and control systems are also being redesigned in anticipation of future applications in physics, medicine, and industry.

We welcome vendor participation at the conference who supply these high quality and state of the art electronics, materials and services to our community. We will make tables and display boards available for this purpose throughout the conference. Please contact the local organizing committee chair for details/arrangements.

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