Welcome to Calor 2012

Santa Fe Convention Center, 201 W. Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM


Calorimeters comprise one of the fundamental detector systems in experimental particle, nuclear, and astroparticle physics.  In recent years, we have witnessed impressive progress in our understanding of these detectors and consequently in their performance.  Gigantic and sophisticated calorimeter systems are now in operation at the Large Hadron Collider, and many calorimeter systems at laboratories around the world and in outer space have worked admirably, contributing ever more to our understanding of nature.  Now, new techniques in calorimetry are being developed for future applications that use a variety of technologies and algorithms.  In this conference, we will cover all things calorimeter—from experimental results to simulations to new ideas to technological applications—and we welcome your contributions.  

These will be some of the key topics:

  • Calorimetric Techniques
    • Scintillation
    • Cherenkov
    • Ionization
    • Crystals
    • Silicon
    • Dual-readout
    • Particle flow
    • Bolometry
    • Novel materials
  • Calorimetry at the LHC
  • Calorimetry at lepton colliders
  • Calorimetry in astrophysics
  • Front-end readout and trigger
  • Simulations and algorithms
  • Future calorimetry

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