Welcome to Calor 2012

Santa Fe Convention Center, 201 W. Marcy Street, Santa Fe, NM

Detailed Scientific Program
Book of Abstracts

CALOR2012 Conveners:

David Barney (CERN)
Ana Henriques (CERN)
Sally Seidel (New Mexico)
Calorimetry Techniques I-II:
Francesca Tedaldi (ETH-Zurich)
Tao Hu (IHEP-Beijing)
Calorimetry Techniques III-IV:
Craig Woody (BNL)
Tohru Takeshita (Shinshu)
Astrophysics and Neutrinos:
Don Groom (LBNL)
Steve Magill (Argonne)
Operating Calorimeters:
Jordan Damgov (TTU)
Gabriella Gaudio (INFN-Pavia)
Frank Chlebana (FNAL)
Simulations and Algorithms:
Artur Apresyan (Caltech)
Igor Volobouev (TTU)
Electronics and Trigger:
Chris Tully (Princeton)
Kejun Zhu (IHEP-Beijing)
Future Calorimetry:
Michele Livan (Pavia Univ.)
Frank Simon (MPI)
Vishnu Zutshi (NICADD)

In 16 separate sessions, we plan to cover all aspects of calorimetry in physics:  see the program outline below.  The program will be finalized when all submissions are processed.

We will serve refreshments during a short break between sessions. One hour and thirty minutes are set aside for the lunch period, during which participants are free to sample the local eateries near the Convention Center and town square.

On the first day, Monday, following the opening remarks and review presentations, the main topic will be the LHC experiments.

On Tuesday, we will discuss past, present, and future techniques in calorimetry.  Then, the calorimetric applications in astroparticle physics will be the focus on Wednesday morning.  Wednesday afternoon is free for strolls in Santa Fe or for excursions to nearby attractions.

The Thursday morning session will cover the results from the operating calorimeters, and in the afternoon we will review the status of simulations and algorithms in all things calorimeter.

The morning sessions on the last day of the conference will be somewhat longer in order to free up the afternoon; we will look at the future of calorimetry in our field and summarize the conference preparatory to our meeting again in a couple of years, in 2014.

(June 4)
(June 5)
Wednesday (June 6) Thursday (June 7) Friday
(June 8)
Opening session Calorimetry Techniques-I Astro/Neut-I Operating Calo-I Elec/Trigger
LHC-I Calorimetry Techniques-II Astro/Neut-II Operation Calo-II Future Calorimetry + Summary
Lunch Lunch Free Lunch  
LHC-II Calorimetry Techniques-III   Simul/Algo-I  
LHC-III Calorimetry Techniques-IV   Simul/Algo-II  
Reception     Banquet  

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